Blog writing

Business is booming and you are busy, yet you would like to add new text to your website or webshop on a regular basis. We are happy to help you with our blog service. The benefits of this service are too great to list—with blog texts, we keep your customers informed, together, and we ensure that Google does not lose track of your site. Your website, we just polish it up! In Dutch, but just as easily in other languages, too.

  • How often? Whenever you like: weekly, monthly… we set this up together.
  • How? We discuss the blog messages that must be created or edited, and off we go. We always work with a search word list to ensure search engine optimization. We also insert everything neatly back into your website.
  • Expensive? Not at all. For example: a blog text of 300 words, 2 hours work, €55.00 per hour

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