Dutch for Expats

Workshop Dutch

Want to learn Dutch in a business context, and learn about the culture and habits? Need some professional guidance to help your foreign co-workers settle in?

KDV – Language & More combines both to create the ultimate mix: Dutch for Expats. During this workshop, we introduce participants to our culture, while tackling our native language’s grammar and vocabulary. Thanks to our hands-on technique we teach participants to express themselves in Dutch. The Dutch language workshop or Dutch for Expats is fully customisable, we use some material from sample formulas and customize them to suit your needs.

Focusing on

  • Oral business communication
  • Written business communication
  • Business vocabulary
  • Handling complaints
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Business trips, trade shows, events

Course material

  • Hand-out with exercises
  • Grammar aids


  • In-company
  • The KDV – Language & More training space, Hoge Mauw 911, 2370 Arendonk


  • 8 hrs preparation (customised exercises for your company)
  • 16 hrs language coaching (8 2-hour contact moments)


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