Français des Affaires

French Language Workshops

During the practical language workshop Français des Affaires we zoom in on your company’s core terminology. We work with hands-on examples, cases and exercises. We listen to your needs and custom create a language plan to suit your English language needs.

Focusing on

  • Oral business communication
  • Written business communication
  • Business vocabulary
  • Handling complaints
  • Meetings and presentations
  • Business trips, trade shows, events

Course material

  • Hand-out with exercises
  • Grammar aids


  • In-company
  • The KDV – Language & More training space, Hoge Mauw 911, 2370 Arendonk


  • 8 hrs preparation (customised exercises for your company)
  • 16 hrs language coaching (8 2-hour contact moments)


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Taaltraining Nederlands, Engels, Duits, Frans

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