SEO copywriting

More name recognition, conversion and sales? Then your website or webshop is simply begging for a good copywriter with panache and with knowledge of and experience in Search Engine Optimization! This field is all about search engines that assess the content, popularity and technical features of your web content. We are glad to give you a hand with the content, with the goal of lifting your website or webshop to a higher professional level. Thanks to our structured approach and cooperation with SEO specialists, we know how to write attractive, informative and clear website texts while taking into account your requirements. We set everything down in writing with a natural flair, all the while using SEO tools and analyses of the most widely used search words in your sector. Our working method:

  • Step 1: we start with conversation, input, telephone or live interviews, target audience and keyword analysis
  • Step 2: the writing process with SEO checks (writing, reviewing and rewriting)
  • Step 3: you receive a first draft (please return your comments within seven working days)
  • Step 4: corrections round (rewriting and reviewing)
  • Step 5: delivery of final version
  • Step 6: optional input into content management system (CMS)

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