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Multitalented assistants, big on service and with a heart for entrepreneurs. That’s us, the Business Support all-rounders. Since 2012 serving small businesses and growth companies which (still) prefer to flexibly outsource their office management.

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Business Support

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You benefit from a range of services that make your life easier. Leave the red tape for what it is, entrust it to us. Payment follow-ups, very important. Timely purchases and bill payments, ditto. And pimping your customer service with marketing and support tasks tailored to your needs … Yes, we can.

Maximum relief with expertise and guaranteed continuity for your business. Managed services is our business. Creating space, focus and growth is yours.

Business Support is part of KDV – Language & More, entrepreneurial language and business professionals

Business Support

Meet the team

Marita De Vocht
Marita De VochtBusiness Support allrounder
Katrien De Vocht
Katrien De VochtBusiness Support allrounder & founder
Inge Roggeman
Inge RoggemanCommunication & marketing support