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Proofreading & editing

Proofreading of your content by our native speakers, editorial work and follow-up of online campaigns or magazines: KDV – Language & More, more than copywriting and translation. From drafting a content calendar, planning and conducting interviews to writing or revising cases, newsletters, articles, CMS work, etc.

Social media

No nonsense: we have a top social media queen in the house. Like no other, she conjures up words for unique branding of small and large brands. Because after copy and translation of your website, it’s time for… blogs and social posts. Getting the bigger picture right to ensure you can make the most out of your online story.

Scenario & voice

Your company or product story in a trendy film or eye-catching radio spot: a smart move. And for more impact, you need a punchy story. Our (digital) language creators provide you with a scenario, a script and, if required, a (multilingual) voice. Let’s do this together.

Transcription & subtitling

Translating and subtitling video content and YouTube videos? Count us in. We start with the transcription, followed by a native translation. We deliver according to your wishes, so also directly in the YouTube videos or other types of videos with video software.

DTP in Adobe

Brochures, flyers and advertisements… preferably delivered in Indesign format. This way, the layout can be translated and revised without (almost) any damage. And for the DTP fine-tuning – some languages are simply more compact than others – you can count on us. Just ask!

Technical writing

Updating technical documentation, managing online help tools and publishing related manuals: we are up to speed when it comes to technical writing tools, such as MadCap Flare and Lingo. Another tool? Ask us for advice, we will be happy to set up a project for you.

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All-in language service without a care

More than translation & copywriting. More zest, quality & results. That’s what we accomplish with a range of additional services on request of our customers.