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The art of Proofreading

You run DeepL or ChatGPT, we dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Count on us for proofreading of automatically translated content in various languages. Better known in the translation industry as post-editing.



Why native proofreading is a must after DeepL or ChatGPT?

As useful as AI translation technology may be, a revision is still indispensable. Do you want to make sure that all the nuances are properly translated, that the content is completely accurate, that your company DNA and terminology are respected, while the ultimate creative touch remains intact? You probably don’t always have the time or (no offence) the skills to do this. No worries. Our qualified experts and native speakers are trained in getting the details right. Together, we take your multilingual communication to the next level.

By the way, you don’t necessarily have to provide a Word file. We can proofread in any format, or directly into your cms or platforms.


Method of proofreading machine translation

  • Send us your machine translation, if possible together with the source – or a temporary access to your cms or other systems
  • We will first assess the quality and then suggest one of the options below
  • Proofread on spelling & grammar
  • Proofread on spelling, grammar & style
  • Proofread on spelling, grammar, style, content & consistency
  • Proofread on spelling, grammar, style, content, consistency & seo (keywords, internal links, metadata)

AI or not?

Need proofreading in Dutch, English, German, French or another language? Just ask us about it. We accept no legal responsibility for automatically translated content you submit to us, or for the tools you use for machine translation. We do accept the responsibility for the quality after proofreading. Do you prefer a translation from scratch by our native speakers? No problem. You choose, we are flexible.

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